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Lilipud Workshop was born for the fashion just next to Galata Tower in 2010. Lilipud which has started its business for growing is now coming to, the heart of design, Nişantaşı. Lilipud; has been making designs specific to each person, emotion and day without forgetting that everybody is the star of its own life as well as manufacturing the costumes of TV series, movies, films, commercial films, TV programs, parties and dance shows and meeting the needs of people who are interested in visual arts. It is writing your story with economical and qualified costumes in which you have a say during design process by working in partnership with your dreams...

Asi (Rebel) TV Series
A.Ş.K (L.O.V.E) TV Series
Çalıkuşu (Jenny Wren) TV Series
Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Suleiman the Magnificent) TV Series
Musem of Suleiman the Magnificent (İstanbul/Doha)
Unutursam Fisılda Movie
Reaksiyon (Reaction) TV Series
Miles&Smiles 2015 Commercial Film
Şeref Meselesi (Affair of Honor) TV Series
Serçe Sarayi (Palace of Sparrow) TV Series
Paramparça (Shot to Pieces)  TV Series
Chimp&Zee Restaurant Personnel Uniforms
Bahadır Baruter Exhibition of "Destiny "
Dance Theatre of Sevgi Bahçesi (Love Garden)